(Deluxe) The Called and Confident Christian Entrepreneur Course



Are you a Christian mom entrepreneur seeking to build a business rooted in your faith and purpose?

Do you desire to confidently pursue your calling, overcome mindset obstacles, and experience God's guidance in your entrepreneurial journey?

If so, the Called and Confident Program is designed just for you.

In this transformational program, you'll embark on a powerful journey of aligning your faith with your business aspirations. We'll walk together through eight transformative steps, equipping you with the mindset, strategies, and spiritual foundation needed to thrive as a Christian mom entrepreneur.

Step by Step, we'll cover:

Step 1: Cultivating a Biblical mindset for transformation

You'll uncover the core limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck and gain a profound understanding of where these lies have come from. Then you’ll learn how to develop a Biblical mindset.

Step 2: Claiming Your Calling

Get really clear on what God has put on your heart for this business. This is going to give you direction where you may have been confused before. No more shiny object syndrome or doubting your business ideas after this step.

Step 3: Building a Business that Serves

Get clear on the business God has called you to create. Then, using the God-given vision for your business, you’ll create a business blueprint to know what you’re creating moving forward.

Step 4: Confidently stepping into your calling

You'll learn to shift your perspective, seeing your business as a platform for God's work and embracing the role of a steward. Embrace a Biblical mindset about money, sales, and wealth.

Step 5: Mindset Tools for Lifelong growth

Equipping you with the essential tools and strategies to continue your mindset transformation journey beyond the program's completion. You'll learn how to apply the principles and techniques you've acquired throughout the program to any future mindset challenges that arise.

Throughout the program, you'll receive comprehensive training, powerful coaching exercises, and guidance to help you overcome challenges, navigate mindset blocks, and experience transformational growth.

Don't wait any longer to align your faith with entrepreneurship.

Enroll now and experience the power of combining your passion, purpose, and faith to create a business that truly reflects who you are and serves others.

The Deluxe Program includes: 

- The Called and Confident Entrepreneur Framework (course)

- 2x a month Group coaching for 3 months

- Workbooks, prompts and Bible studies for deeper work

- 24/7 Private Voxer Access with Alexia (3 months)

- Bonus: Money Mindset Bible Study

- Discount on 1:1 sessions

Only $1497

(Or 3 and 6 month payment plans available)

Learn more about the program including testimonials here

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