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Quit Your Job Planner (PDF)

Create a step-by-step plan to finally quit your job to pursue your business full time. Go from big picture goal planning to setting weekly actionable goals to make sure another year doesn't go by where you wish you'd quit your job already. 

Goal Setting for Christian Entrepreneurs

(formerly CEO day with God)

As a Christian entrepreneur, God put the vision for your business in your heart. That makes you the CEO and your job is to make sure you're taking the business in the direction that God is wanting it to go. This course will walk you through how to think like the CEO and align your yearly and quarterly business goals with where God is leading you. 

Power Hour Coaching

Need help working through a big hurdle keeping you stuck in your business or life as you're following God in your life and business? With a 60 min 1:1 session, you can make powerful discoveries and breakthroughs to move you forward in your business and get clarity on God's direction for you. 

Entrepreneur Life Coaching Package

Save with the package deal!

When to sign up for a coaching package vs a session?

Here are some reasons that a coaching package (4 x 1-hour long sessions) might be best for where you are right now:

  • If you're looking for ongoing support as you are moving through the big transition from career to entrepreneur. 
  • If you're wanting accountability to keep you moving forward with your plans week to week
  • If you're finding you have a lot of mental hurdles to overcome to move forward with your business and you really want to use the power of coaching to help you uncover those issues and apply Biblical principles mixed with coaching tools to overcome those. 

Whether it's about business or routines,  it's all interconnected and important for fulfilling the purpose God has for you. 

These are just a few reasons you may want a longer coaching package. While one session can be powerful for helping you move through something blocking you, often the issue really requires more sessions to really move past it and make lasting change that will positively impact your business. 

If you want the power of coaching with a Christian perspective, then this is for you. 

7 Biblical Principles to Stop Worrying (FREE)

So many unknowns in business can lead to lots of worry and that fuels stress. But is that how we need to respond? With these verses and accompanying journal prompts, you'll see worrying has no place in your business. 

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