Quit Your Job Planner (PDF)

Are you dying to quit your job but don't know how to actually make it happen? 

Then this planner is for you. No more dreaming of quitting but never doing it.

Get prepared to hand in your notice and become a full-time entrepreneur!

You've been dying to quit your job for months now (maybe even years) but it never seems to happen. 

There's always a bunch of things that seem to stop you. 

Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • Can't leave in the middle of a giant project at work and leave them hanging. 
  • If you could only have less debt, then your monthly expenses would be less and THEN you'd be able to quit and work from home. 
  • I need to make sure I replace my income BEFORE I quit so I make sure we are covered

If you're feeling called out right now, then that means you're human. I've totally been there myself. 

Which is why I created this planner to help you overcome all the excuses and start taking steps toward quitting your job. 

What's the biggest thing that's actually stopping you from accomplishing this big goal of quitting your job?

Not having a plan. 

The good news is that can be fixed. 

The Quit My Job Planner makes it super easy to create a plan that tackles all of the major roadblocks in between you and your dream of quitting and gives you a way to actually map out that plan with action steps. 

Are you really going to let another year go by without making your dream a reality? 

Please note: In the overview video, the old colors are used. It is a similar layout but different colors.

Here's how this planner will help you quit: 

  • Set the big goals you need to achieve to quit your job in 4 major areas: side hustle income, savings, debt payoff, and 9-5 job loose ends.
  • Monthly and weekly goals and planner sheets to break down the big goals into doable actionable steps
  • Savings tracker so you can quit your job with a safety net (if you want)
  • Monthly debt tracker sheets to help with your debt payoff plan to quit your job
  • Inspirational Quotes and Bible verses throughout to keep you motivated

God put it on your heart to quit your job. Now, it's time to say "Yes LORD!" and make it happen. 

Grab your planner for only $27! 

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